It’s who we are.

Gertsch-Baker’s first projects were drawn by hand in Lloyd’s garage-turned office in 1973. The firm’s first architectural project was a mortuary. Ted has said that mortuaries are difficult to design because of all the different users that must come together at one time: the casket, the family, the flowers, the minister.  Really, this first project laid the groundwork for the next 30-odd years with Ted and Lloyd at the helm.  Each project has been approached by first getting to know the client and their specific needs, whether it be a new building, a bedroom addition, a subdivision, or a septic system.

Ted said at one point that Gertsch-Baker could have been one of the largest architectural and engineering firms in the state if he hadn’t spent so much time goofing off.  His definition of “goofing off” may not be what first comes to mind. He was the mayor of Laramie for several terms, a Boy Scouts leader, in Kiwanis, Chamber of Commerce, a lecturer at the University of Wyoming and the list goes on.  It was this “goofing off” that both Ted and Lloyd did that anchors Gertsch-Baker in the Laramie community. They didn’t lead Gertsch-Baker to be the largest firm in the state, but instead, a stable community partner; big shoes to fill by the younger generations now in the office, but a commitment that the firm holds strong.

Ted and Lloyd led the firm together until Lloyd’s battle with cancer got the better of him at the end of 2008.  The loss was the beginning of a transitional period at Gertsch-Baker that culminated in an ownership transition to Christie Roberts in January of 2010.  Ted still comes to work when he fancies and gets to pick his projects with more discrimination, and he isn’t bogged down with the tedious tasks of bills and payroll. Christie is committed to continuing the legacy that Ted and Lloyd built over their 37 years of leadership. She values the tutelage of both Ted and Lloyd; Ted teaching that architects and engineers may not always know the best way, and Lloyd showing the value of clarity and pragmatism. These values contribute to the high level of care to which Gertsch-Baker remains committed.