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Laramie Animal Shelter

Addition to Existing Structure

This project featured an addition to the existing shelter and the renovation of existing spaces using construction methods and products with durability as a priority. The Animal Shelter features an updated entryway, larger kennel space, additional small animal isolation rooms, extensive plumbing system, and updated heating and cooling system. Gertsch-Baker provided the architectural and structural designs, bid documents and construction administration.

ARK Creative Arts Center

New Construction

This 13,000 square foot learning center for disabled students houses art, music, dancing and drama rooms. The center features a 900 square foot gallery with natural lighting and includes a small performance room with a stage and audience seating.

High Performance Sports Medicine

Remodel & Preservation

This project involved the remodel of a space in Laramie's historic downtown to a modern physician's clinic including office space that was also designed for future expansion. When lighting costs exceeded budget, GBA worked with the owner to find comparable fixtures saving 30%.

ARK Apartments

New Construction

ARK residents enjoy independence and pride in owning their own apartments in this twenty-one unit complex featuring a central community building. This complex was designed to be durable, easily maintained, comfortable, and welcoming for residents as well as the community. All facilities were designed for occupants with disabilities. The site for this project was historically a dump, creating a difficult foundation situation. The solution involved a grade beam and pier foundation system that provided the stability and has resulted in no structural issues.

Downtown Health Clinic


This project featured the conversion of a former automotive repair garage to a comfortable and welcoming medical clinic in downtown Laramie. A series of ramps was installed to counteract the flawed drainage conditions while maintaining accessibility to every portion of the building. The project was partially funded by a grant from the Wyoming Business Council and was completed on time with change orders equaling less than 1% of total project cost.

LaRamie Apartments

New Construction

These new apartments were built on the same site as apartments that former GBA owner Lloyd rented with his wife in the 1960’s!  Upon approval of the funding, the construction documents were completed in less than eight weeks, rapidly moving the project forward. With premium accessibility to the University, shopping, recreation facilities and restaurants , these new apartments were 90% rented prior to completion.

Alibi Bar Outdoor Stage

New Construction

We have a particular fondness for this project completed in the summer of 2008. The Alibi Bar is a venerable institution located downtown with a long history of serving the good folks of Laramie. It had a wonderful backyard to sit in while enjoying a cool one. What it didn't have was an outdoor stage to showcase the numerous performers that stop by periodically to play for the patrons. The owners asked for our help and we obliged. Stop in and check it out.

Albany County Title Offices

New Construction

This 5000 square foot office building replaced an old service station located on the fringe of the Laramie downtown district. The unique windows provide lots of natural light, while the depth of the roof eaves shade the windows when the sun is at an angle to create too much heat. The building design also included an underground venting system for fume mitigation if a problem were to arise from the lot’s previous use.

Laramie Ridge Estates 8th Addition

Civil Engineering & Surveying

This 8th and final additional of Laramie Ridge finished a 56 acre residential development that began in 1995. The more than 100 lots ranged in size from 48,600 sf to 9,100 sf and were final platted piece by piece as the lots were sold. The development included storm water infrastructure upgrades.

Coughlin Pole Mountain 4th Addition

Civil Engineering & Surveying

This 21 acre development was annexed, zoned, and preliminary platted in 2009. Construction began later that year after approval of the final plat for the first block. In order to continue to move the development forward, Gertsch-Baker provided a special presentation to the City Planning Commission addressing concerns regarding ridgeline development. Their concerns addressed, the Planning Commission and City Council approved the remainder of the project with no further delay.

Walsh & Mercil Court Homes

New Construction

This multi-family neighborhood features modern condos and twin homes and was the first neighborhood to meet new Turner Tract development requirements.

Corona Village All Season Patio


This project involved the conversion of an exterior patio to an interior dining area.  We presented the owner with options for minimizing costs, while creating an inviting and comfortable space that can be used all year in Laramie .


Bradley Street Addition

Garage Addition

The homeowner approached us to design a garage that would maintain the historic integrity of the home. This project was complicated by new city code requirements for Laramie’s historic Tree Area.  We utilized the covered patio to maintain existing wall planes while providing the required garage door setback. We also included a front porch design that replicates the original porch roof that had since been removed.