Ted C. Gertsch, AIA, PE

Architect, Engineer, Founder, Semi-Retired

Ted was Gertsch-Baker’s principal architect since the company’s inception in 1973. He has over 30 years of combined educational and professional experience within the fields of civil engineering and architectural design. Clients know and trust him for his dedication to quality, his multidisciplinary understanding and his unique sensitivity to project design from an owner’s perspective.

Ted's architectural style is, for Laramie, distictly modern.  Once you start to recognize Ted's buildings, you will see them all over town.  We are pretty sure that he designed all of the hexagonal shaped buildings in Laramie, a good example of his constant attention to functionality and affordability.  You see, the hexagon is the shape that provides the most interior area compared to the perimeter, so it provides the most efficient use of exterior walls to enclose interior floor space.  He can think up a way to use a hexagon for almost every building he designs, those ideas don't always make it off of his desk though. 

As his hours at the office decrease, his hours spent in his custom built (and self designed of course) wood working shop.  He not only creates beautiful wood pieces in his shop, he also has built a hot tub gazebo, a tree house for his grandsons, and a multitude of other out buildings around his home.  He prides himself on the re-use of materials for these structures, one of his favorite gifts was the wood from the old bleachers at Laramie High School.  It took him years to use up all that lumber!

Ted's favorite building in Laramie is the Ark Creative Arts Center, or the Cooper Center.  He enjoyed not only the architectural design of the project, but also the challenges posed by the poor soils conditions on the site.  The arches at the building's entries are free standing brick arches- the two sides are built simultaneously and need support until the last brick is placed at the top of the arch- then it stands freely.  It is also only the second project of his where round windows were installed, his favorite shape.


Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering-Architecture, 1962 University of Wyoming

Professional Registration
  • Professional Engineer, Wyoming 1969
  • Professional Architect, Wyoming 1971
Professional Experience
  • Gertsch/Baker Engineering & Design, Inc., 1973- Present, Semi-Retired, Architect, Engineer
  • University of Wyoming, 1962-1973, Engineer/Superintendent of Physical Plant, Associate Professor
  • Spiegelberg Lumber & Building Company, 1959-1966, Designer/Estimator