Ted's Style

Ted's style is, distictly modern, yet practical.  Once you start to recognize Ted's buildings, you will see them all over town.  We are pretty sure that he designed all of the hexagonal shaped buildings in Laramie, a good example of his constant attention to functionality and affordability. He also prides himself on the re-use of materials (even before it was "green"), one of his favorite gifts was the wood from the old bleachers at Laramie High School.  It has taken him years to use up all that lumber! 



Ted Says

Congratulations Ted!

Ted Gertsch, GB's founder and mentor, was honored with the UW College of Engineering Distinguished Alumni award October 15. Ted has worn many hats during his career, including professor, mentor, mayor, and state senator. He has invested his life in the community. We're extremely honored and proud to carry on the example set by Ted during his career. 

Ted's years of wisdom and quirky comments have become famous around the office and with our clients as well. This page is a conglameration of those moments we have all come to appreciate!

Around the office...

Why is this number so familiar…I should know this number…..

OH it’s my house! 

From an old friend...

Did Ted ever get that boat out his basement?

Ted's favorite shape is...

A hexagon. Ted loves to use hexagons in his designs because it is the shape that provides the most interior area compared to the perimeter, so it provides the most efficient use of exterior walls to enclose interior floor space. He likes hexagons so much he worked it into his own home design. 

How's Ted Doing?

No matter the circumstance, when asked "how are you" Ted ALWAYS replies "Awfully nice."

Don't Skimp

Do good engineering and good architecture and you do good for your client. Don’t skimp on design.  Do the best job you can and do it the right way.

Educate yourself

Educate yourself—it makes you a better designer

What is Farrago?

Definition of a Farrago: A confused mixture, jumble, medley, hodgepodge. A composite of unrelated items.